FFI Announcement

It has come to the attention of FFI Management that there are certain individuals that are conducting unscrupulous transactions using the name of FILTREPRENEUR FRANCHISE INC., and THE FILIPINO DREAM.

Be forewarned that anyone caught conducting such activities will automatically REMOVED from the roster of members.

AVAILABLE LEGAL ACTION will also follow to ensure that the company's integrity and reputation will be protected from these acts.

www.filtrepreneur.com is the ONLY official website of FILTREPRENEUR FRANCHISE INC.

All official announcements including franchise details, product pricing and promos are all posted ONLY on this website

There are currrently no job openings or company hiring by FILTREPRENEUR FRANCHISE INC., any announcements to this effect will be posted on the official website.

FILTREPRENEUR FRANCHISE INC., does not offer site or location assistance. The company will not be liable for any transaction made outside FFI.

Important Notice

This is to inform all concerned that the following individuals are no longer connected with FILTREPRENEUR FRANCHISE INC. and THE FILIPINO DREAM;

  • Mr. Erwin Vincent Teoco

  • Mr. Floren John Carpio

  • Mr. Argieneil Robes

The aforementioned individuals have committed a serious breach of trust and other underlying circumtances that warrant their removal from the roster members.

The Management

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Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc. (FFI) was established with the primary purpose of tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit that we believe lies in most Filipinos aiming to succeed in a business venture. The current economic trend has placed a new focus on how to generate more "job creators" in our economic system, and has made the idea of a global celebration of entrepreneurship as a path to positive growth especially relevant.

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